Pediatric Dentistry


Mouthguards Dental Mouthguards | Mouthguards For Braces Whether you wear braces or not, protecting your child’s smile while playing sports is essential. Sports related injuries to the mouth and jaw are some of the most common injuries received by athletes. Dental Mouthguards help protect teeth and gums from injury.  If your child participates in basketball, boxing, […]

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Cosmetic Restoration

Cosmetic Restoration Pediatric Dental Restorations | Pediatric Restorative Dentistry It is a common misconception that cosmetic dentistry is just for a pretty, white smile. When, in fact, pediatric dental restorations are important for restoring both function and aesthetics when it comes to a child’s smile. They can retain the integrity of your child’s teeth and

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Pulpotomy Pediatric Pulp Therapy | Pediatric Pulpotomy Pediatric pulp therapy, or pediatric pulpotomy, is especially important in young, permanent teeth with immature roots because the pulp is an integral part of normal development for the apex of the tooth’s root. When the pulp is exposed, your dentist might recommend pulp therapy to maintain the integrity and

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Sealants Dental Sealants For Kids | Sealants For Kids Dental Sealants For Kids give your child’s teeth extra protection against decay and help prevent cavities. Sometimes brushing is not enough, especially when it comes to those hard-to-reach spots in your child’s mouth. It is difficult for a toothbrush to get in between the small cracks and

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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment Fluoride Treatment For Kids | Fluoride Treatment For Children’s Teeth Your children brush their teeth twice a day, floss regularly and visit the dentist every six months, but did you know that rinsing with fluoride – a mineral that helps prevent cavities and tooth decay – also helps keep their teeth healthy and strong? Fluoride

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Exams and Cleanings

Exams and Cleanings Teeth Cleanings for Children | Dental Exams PREVENTING PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY START Teeth Cleanings for Children are very important. The health of your teeth and mouth is very important to the well-being of your entire body, and while routine brushing and flossing at home is necessary to keep your smile looking its

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Fillings Fillings for Children’s Teeth | Fillings in Baby Teeth Traditional dental restoratives, or fillings, may include gold, porcelain, and composite. The strength and durability of traditional dental materials continue to make them useful for situations where restored teeth must withstand extreme forces that result from chewing, such as in the back of the mouth. Newer

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Extractions Pediatric Tooth Extraction | Baby Tooth Extraction Pediatric Tooth Extraction. There are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth. Sometimes a baby tooth has misshapen or long roots that prevent it from falling out as it should, and the tooth must be removed to make way for the permanent tooth to erupt.

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