Reasons Children hate the Dentist: What You Can Do to Get Them Through

Reasons Children hate the Dentist: What You Can Do to Get Them Through

Reasons Children hate the Dentist:
What You Can Do to Get Them Through

It’s no secret that many children don’t like going to the dentist. In fact, many children will try and avoid it as best they can. If you’re a parent, this is probably something you’ve seen first-hand. Maybe your child has been so afraid of seeing the dentist that they have even refused to eat anything for days before their appointment. This blog post will teach you 6 ways to help your child get over their fear of the dentist and actually look forward to coming in for their next visit! 

Getting them excited about coming to the dentist is a challenge for most parents. We all know that the dentist is an essential part of their child’s health and well-being, but it can be difficult to get them excited about coming in every six months. 


1. Understanding their fear

1) One way you can help your children overcome their fear and anxiety towards going to the dentist is by understanding the fear they may have. Kids are often intimidated by the unknown, and not knowing what to expect can cause fear. A dentist visit is something they don’t know much about until they get there. It may be helpful for you to take them on a walk-through of your own dental office so that they have an idea of where things will happen during their appointment time; this will help them feel more confident and less anxious. Also, it is vital that if you, the parent, have a fear of the dentist please do not share this with your child as their experience for sure will not be comparable to your unpleasant experience.   

2. Start a dental care routine as soon as possible

Another way to make your kids excited about going to the dentist is by getting a dental care routine started as soon as possible. This means that you should incorporate trips to the dentist into their regular routine, such as following up with your child’s pediatrician after they get their first teeth and introducing the idea that they will be going to a special place where their teeth can get clean. 

This is also an opportunity for you and your children to bond over getting them through dental appointments in general: it’s time away from screens, schoolwork, and other daily activities; which means it’s quality family time! The time you take to do this will pay off once your children develop a positive relationship with the dentist. 

Don’t wait until your child has a dental emergency for their first visit to the dentist (unless it is unavoidable) or they will always associate the pain of the emergency with their visit to the dentist.  We do everything possible at Dental Care Group Kids to make sure your child’s first dental visits are pleasant and uncomplicated.  

3. Set up reasonable expectations

Making sure they know what will happen before, during and after their appointment, and that you will be there for them every step of the way is a great place to start.

4. Trust

 Trust. Parents can build trust with their children by listening to them, communicating well and by being honest about what they expect from the dental visit. This will set a great foundation for kids that may be nervous or hesitant before going into the dentist’s office. It also helps parents understand where their child is coming from, which makes it easier to support them during the appointment.

5. Familiarity with the dentist and dental staff

Familiarity with the dentist and dental staff. The more familiar your child is with their dentist, means that they will be less anxious when visiting for future appointments. Sometimes it only takes one visit to help children feel comfortable in their surroundings which can make all of the difference on how successful they are during their appointment.  If it is your child’s first visit to the dentist, let them know it is going to be a fun experience where they get their teeth counted and polished so they can be “bright and shiny.” 

The dental team should provide support and reassurance that the dentist is going to do everything they can to make sure each visit goes as smoothly as possible. This will help your children feel more confident in themselves, knowing that a group of adults are working together to keep them safe and healthy throughout this important part of growing up. 

6. Visit a kid-approved dentist

Last but not least, visit a kid-approved dentist. Find a kid-approved dental team that will make them feel safe and comfortable during their visit. 

A dental team that is experienced with children will have a good understanding of how to work around the distractions, and schedule their appointments so they are not in the middle of class or other activities.  

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Dr. Rosenfeld and Dr. King, the Pediatric dentists at Dental Care Group Kids, and the entire professional team of DCG Kids specialize in making your children comfortable in a safe and trusting environment.  

The more comfortable your child feels during each visit, the better they’ll be at getting through it all successfully! We hope this helps you and your family get through the dentist appointment successfully.  

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